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God's Lions Series


In 2009, author John Lyman published the book that started it all. "God's Lions - The Secret Chapel" rose to Amazon's #1 spot in religious fiction and left fans begging for more.

The Deep Green


Lyman's 5th novel is a genetic thriller penned as a tribute to one of his favorite authors, the late Michael Crichton. Set in Africa and the coastal islands of Texas, the book takes readers on a wild ride to the dark side of genetic engineering. 

Jekyll Island


In a psychological, dystopian thriller with Hitchcock-like twists, a young writer with some serious issues comes face to face with an enigmatic figure who’s about to change the world forever. Set in present-day Atlanta, aspiring author Ben Swain struggles with internal demons while he tries to lead a normal life behind the wall of glass in his high-rise apartment ... until he meets the general. 



Lyman's new original screenplay about a group of international motorcycle road racers and the people who love them. Set against the colorful cinematic backdrop of 200 mph superbike racing in Ireland, the script has recently been optioned for a motion picture by Riverrock Films in Hollywood and is destined to thrill moviegoers with the spectacle of superbike racing at the Isle of Man TT ... the most dangerous motorcycle race in the world.

Blue 109


John Lyman's original screenplay based on the author's rookie year as a young police officer in the 1970's. More on this as the story develops. 

John Lyman's passion for motorcycles


It's rumored that John gets a lot of the ideas for his stories while riding his Yamaha R3 race bike. When asked, the author replied, "It's probably the adrenaline, but whatever it is, I need to keep doing it."